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7 Lessons I Learned As A Dominatrix

When you think of a Dominatrix, what image comes to mind? Do you imagine a dungeon where a woman clad in leather and thigh-high boots is whipping a naked, shackled man?  Perhaps the female equivalent of the Marquis de Sade? Before becoming a professional dominatrix, I may well have held a similar view.  The things I've learned, not to mention those I've had to un-learn, have proved valuable not only within my work but also when applied to life.
1. There is no-such thing as a typical submissive man. The stereotypical submissive is the high-powered executive, always in control alpha male who sees a professional dominatrix as an escape from the stresses of his daily life. Certainly that does exist. Successful businessmen do make up a significant portion of dominatrices' clients, though that is probably as much attributed to the price point, as anything else. I have never had typical type of client. I have seen men from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and with varying careers.…

Under My Reine

Oh the games people play! Tired of being the Alpha, the Dominant, the one always in control?  Wonder what it is like to escape from your day to day obligations and submit completely to someone else? Hand over the reigns? 
Do you crave an absolute power exchange where you never know what to expect next?  Or worshipping at the delightful feet of a dominant female? ​ Experience a fantasy or embrace your fetishes in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 
I offer 1 on 1 fetish sessions with males and females, online training, phone sessions and key-holding services.
A $75 DEPOSIT is REQUIRED when you BOOK a SESSION marked with a (*). ​ If you have questions please email them to me at  - Allow 24 hours for a reply back. I DO NOT play 20 Questions over the phone so please respect my request to use email if you have more than 3 questions you need answered before you can determine whether or not you wish to book session with me.  Please note, an sending an email is not lic…